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How Do I Clean The Shower Room Glass?

- May 31, 2017 -

With the progress of society and the scientific development, with the improvement of living standards, we are not only interested in family decoration and culture, but also a little bathroom culture also has a flavor. Then, how do you clean the shower room glass in the bathroom?.


Methods / steps


First of all, understand the materials of the shower door.

We usually make it in the 8MM, 10MM toughened glass for the partition material, and then use aluminum or stainless steel material to cooperate with the wheel to complete the function of the whole shower door.




First, find a water pipe or shower, spray the glass shower door at random, so that the glass surface is filled with water. If the glass is dry, it is very hard to clean, and the glass is easily bruised by the rag.



Then we'll find the laundry powder toward the top of the glass, remember to start with a spray, and let the laundry powder stick to the top of the glass door, and wait about 3 minutes to make the enzymes in the laundry powder react. Then wipe the glass down with a rag



Then you'll notice a lot of bubbles, don't worry, keep on working, wait for the whole glass to be wiped off, and then wipe the other side of the glass. Otherwise, one side is clean, the other side is not clean, very ugly.



Finally rinse with clean water or shower. Let the washing powder and the bubbles rinse off, and the glass appears very clean and transparent.


If it is not clean enough, this can increase a process is in cleaning agent for toilet cleaners or glass, against the opening of tap water, dilute some, found a small brush to sweep from top to bottom, and finally with water can be washed again.



The last time to dry the glass, can use dry cloth to wipe, of course, if there is a newspaper with a newspaper to clean the home, is the most beautiful, but does not appear hair removal off the wire problem, because the water absorbent fiber arrangement and good newspaper, the newspaper is very close.


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