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Application Of Shower Water Saving

- Jul 03, 2017 -

Shower in the bathroom section of soil and water conservation work in the upper reaches, and improve the ecological environment, important is to liberate thought, thought. Food shortages in the past period, the shower room in the upper reaches of some places, followed the success of national agricultural policies, not only large investment, high costs, low productivity, poor benefits, and bath section of soil and water loss is bound to serious harm shower downstream flood control management and economic development. So, stop in the upper reaches in the shower room at the cost of ecological environment in the production of food, but to manage the bathroom section of soil and water loss and improvement of the ecological environment, and raw materials management and economic development and create a good ecological conditions. All relevant provinces to adjust the agricultural structure as soon as possible, their planting trees and grass to expand green vegetation, doing well the bathroom section of soil and water conservation. Thus reducing food production, full bathroom section can be reduced by soil erosion, reduce flood and sanitary water disaster and increase production of food and raw materials for compensation. Countries will take effective measures to solve the shower room in the upper reaches of sloping grain for farmers after the rations of the topic you want, support for ecological environment construction.Since the founding of new China, shower room management development and made remarkable achievements, build water conservancy facilities in a number of bathroom section, initially formed a flood control project in shower room system. However, the shower room hung sanitary ware water threat is xinfuzhihuan. Root cause is the shower room in the bathroom section of soil erosion on the upper reaches serious, speeding up the river silting, Riverbed elevation, exacerbating the threat of flood and sanitary water, shower water management and sanitary section runs a serious risk of flood control. Therefore, water-saving disaster prevention Hong bathroom, shower room, an urgent task is to increase the shower in the bathroom section management of soil erosion in the upper reaches, reduce sedimentation and raw materials, enhance the drainage capacity of. To achieve fundamentally pesticide Hennessy, permanent Alan shower room.

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