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Small toilet to use expansion techniques

- Jun 19, 2015 -

Small family room 3, 4 square, bathroom space is small, but family uses every day or use where high frequency, their comfort level is closely related to daily life, then how can we small apartment bathroom space utilization, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment atmosphere?

Small apartment bathroom, ingenious use of limited space is critical, the "big three" is essential for the bathroom renovation, washbasin, toilet, shower room. Under normal circumstances, the most ideal arrangement is the basin toward the bathroom door, and toilet close to its side, end in the corner shower sets, whether from the use, function or appearance speaking is the most scientific.

Area is not very large bathroom, shower room more suitable than a bathtub. Selection of shower style size must be careful, in comparison, circular shower and fan-shaped shower shape flexible compact, space-saving.

For better use of space, details of match to choose the right, shower room sliding door is a good choice, make full use of space placing rack, storage rack, over, does not take up space, and convenient cleaning supplies and clothing display, very practical combination.

Wash basins not large enough is good, if you want to match the overall bathroom Cabinet, in order to avoid standing water, hanging bathroom Cabinet is a good choice, will not only help clean without leaving any dead on the ground, and doesn't have to worry about Cabinet will be moist, birds.

Where space limitations of large bathroom consider using colors to complement each other, to make up for the lack of space and defects, using unified color, will not seem too crowded and rushed.

Hope the above suggestions can help you!

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