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Bathtub can be changed into a shower room ?

- Feb 16, 2018 -

Shower began to replace the bathtub, then the bathtub can be transformed into a shower room?

Nowadays, many people choose to replace the bathtub in the bathroom with a shower room in order to save more space and make the space more concise and tidy. Today we came to talk about the bath into the shower room precautions!

After renovations, many people find that they are not practical in their opinion of being tall, and that they are not satisfied with the lack of money. For example, many families choose bathtubs when they first renovate the bathroom, but in the future life they find that the usage of the bathtubs is not high and the bathroom area is very large. Therefore, many families will choose to change the bathtub in their home into a shower room during the second decoration. So bathtub can be changed to shower? Bathtub to change the shower there are any precautions?

First, the bathtub to shower room this approach is feasible

1.the bathtub after the use of a period of time, there will be a certain rate of damage, and it is difficult to bring the comfort of just getting started, so many people there is such a question, can the bathtub into a shower room? The answer is feasible because the bathtub itself has viable shower equipment, such as showers, hot and cold water faucets and so on.

2. in fact, the two are just a gap between a separate sealing area, so in the transformation, the choice of a simple curtain shade, of course, can also set a separate door, so the bathtub into a shower room, you need a Plumbing, of course, faucets and showers are essential.

Second, the bath to change the operation of the shower room

1. shower room with bathtub This style in the transformation is relatively simple, only need to place the original bathtub to plan a specific closed area, used to install glass sliding doors or shower curtain, so that users can use Bath tub itself, soak a comfortable bath, while simple shower operation, very convenient.

2. shower room without bathtub In contrast, this will be some trouble, you need to remove the bathtub, and then set up an independent bathroom, so for such practices, it is best to invite workers to the ground for some treatment, remove The original bathtub, shower room and then according to their own needs, the other must pay attention to the drain connected to the floor drain and other devices for separate treatment to prevent leakage, blockage and so on.

Third, the bath to change the shower room Notes

1.in operation, we must first pay attention to the placement of the shower, and then according to the bath room to confirm the user's approximate height range, the wall-mounted shower at the most appropriate height, easy to use, in addition to bath in addition to bath The location reserved for some activities outside the space, you can set up a shower device, so that not only more functional, more extensive use of space, but also to avoid the problem of skidding.

2. no bath bath for the transformation, must be on the surface treatment for additional operations, pay attention to whether the waterproofing work is perfect enough to avoid the situation of leaking seepage, while the other to drain and the connection of the water pipe design should be reasonable, in the bathtub originally The design slightly modified to ensure that more in line with the use of shower room.

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