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Bathroom glass conservation

- Jun 19, 2015 -

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Many are adding bathroom fashion choose to buy shower rooms, there are some people afraid to because of the bathroom glass there is explosion danger. High quality shower room is actually very safe, explosion of glass are mostly patchy, installation and unprofessional, improper use.

To reduce bathroom glass exploded, we should pay attention to daily maintenance of shower glass, for which I have some tips:

1, avoid sharp things scratch glass, toughened glass are sharp things and impact;

2, parts of the protective glass edges, corners and edges of the glass as the weakest, once cracked, it is easy to destroy the whole glass;

3, paste the explosion-proof membrane, brand shower room usually have this kind of service, greatly reduce the risk of explosion;

4, use gentle treatment – it's not I said you all know.

We can't shower possible problems by placing it, as long as you remember to enjoy and learn to love it, that risk will be greatly reduced!

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